PDC 2020 Interactive Workshop

Computing Professionals for Social Responsibility: The Past, Present and Future Values of Participatory Design

This full-day workshop is built on three principles:

Situated, local & inclusive. The location of PDC in Latin America provides an unprecedented opportunity. We aim to situate the discussion in the Latin American context and conduct a multi-lingual workshop – even if most or all of us ultimately will have to participate remotely. The organizing team includes fluent speakers of English, Spanish and Portuguese who support this process. In addition, we plan to bring in a Latin American speaker to talk about social responsibility. If accepted, the workshop call will be distributed in Spanish, Portuguese and English, in line with the efforts of PDC making the conference pluricultural and plurilingual. All workshop slides will follow a plurilingual template. Participants presenting content will receive support from the organizers for translation. During the workshop, the participants will be free to break-down in discussion groups in any of the languages supported by the facilitators. All outcomes from the discussions and activities will be mapped to an integrated values mural, a large visual representation of key positions and ideas of the workshop. We may speak different languages during the workshop, but the outcomes will be joint. Facilitators will support the process of knowledge integration and translation.

Interactive. We will keep presentations to a minimum; ensure all participants have time to review the materials upfront; and organize most of the workshop into interactive sessions with concrete prompts and goals.

Tangible outcomes, in particular a set of principles, stakeholders and concrete action items for community organizing, potentially leading to founding an organization that could become a CPSR for the 21st century.

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